Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eating and Meeting

My parents and I followed the smell of delicious food all the way to room C302 where the Brown Session Two potluck was being held at El Cerrito High. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic Ms. Kaplan and soon met Ms. Timmes and Ms. Williams who were equally inviting. After filling out a little paper work we got to socializing and of course, eating! 

A yummy dessert is the key to any good potluck!
 Here's just a few of the many delicious choices we had. As we ate, my new friends and I talked about the classes we were currently taking and got to know each other a little better. I think it's really important that we're comfortable with each other being that we'll be traveling together in close quarters for a while. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet all the young women in an informal setting. Everyone was friendly and intelligent. I can definitely see why they were picked for this program.  

After piling our plates and settling in a seat, Ms. Kaplan began her presentation. We jumped from topic to topic. I was amazed to find that our departure date starts at 3AM! In addition, we talked about what to pack remembering that East Coast summers are very different than Bay Area summers. Ms. Kaplan also talked about our busy but fun schedule for touring schools and going to dinners. We went over the all important dress code for the various events we'll be attending and personally, I am looking forward to getting a little dressed up. 

 Ms. Kaplan also shared some emails she had received from past ILCers who had gone to Brown. All had great things to say. They recommended places to eat and sites to see in whatever spare time we have. Many of the students strongly suggested seeing the "Fire-Water" show in Providence. Another tip mentioned by a number of the students was to bring a lot of sunscreen. It was all good to here and just made me even more excited for this summer! 
Here are some more pictures of tonight's festivities.

Here's one of the many delectable choices at
tonight's potluck.
An action shot of sorts. Here we are eating and getting to know
each other and our chaperon, Ms. Timmes.

Here we are listening carefully to all the tips for traveling Ms. Kaplan has to offer.

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