Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Yawn at a Time

The weekend was the perfect time to attend Don's blogging tutorial at Hercules High School. The sun was out and shining everywhere. My step-dad and I arrived ten minutes before everything started, 8:50 AM.
Hercules Computer Lab

When we walked through the classroom, we were welcomed with many happy, smiling faces. I was actually intimidated, everyone else was clustered in groups and I had no idea on how to jump in and introduce myself. Luckily, the tutorial was about to begin so we all took a seat (what a relief).

Don explained the importance of everything; from blogging to the essentials of what we need to bring for our trip. We also received a chance to get on computers to type our first practice blog. Being the computer illiterate person that I am, Don's instructions were actually pretty simple and easy to follow along with. After a good hour or so, we took our first break. Everyone seemed more awake and the yawns ended. It was easier this time to greet others. We were engaged in the conversations and had a few laughs too. Afterwards, we resumed the tutorial and it soon came to a close. Goodbyes were said and hugs were given. My overall experience was great, I leaned new things and created new friends. The feeling of intimidation was never needed.

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