Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food, Friends, and Information

Post-Pot Luck Conversation
This past Tuesday proved to be the first time that all Brown II students and chaperons were able to be together in the same place.  It was great to meet Abigail and Maddie, the only students I had left to meet.  The food was great, we had some final paper work signed, and we all left the session more comfortable and informed.

With the ending of school approaching fast, the excitement about the upcoming trip was evident in the room.  Ms Kaplan did a wonderful job not only organizing the night, but relaying essential information to both students and their parents.  There were few questions asked by the cohort, but I anticipate that changing once the girls start packing and formally begin their preparations for the trip.  Until then, nothing beats the opportunity to meet, greet, and eat with the Brown II cohort.

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