Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Potluck for Brownies

This evening was the night for the Brown II Session potluck at El Cerrito High. Everyone gathered around a large, black table and sat their food on it. As soon as the foil and wrappings were peeled back, you can smell the swirls of aromas. Sweet sugary cinnabons, the cool ranch of salad, savory fried rice, and many more.

Our Delicious Food!
All us girls sat near each other and reminisced about how school and sports was going. It was surprising to find out that a few of my cohorts also play softball this year like me (hopefully our competitiveness won't show during our summer at Brown). As we all finished eating, Ms. Kaplan, the creative director of this night, began to talk about why she invited all of us here. 
She wanted for us to get a better understanding of what's going to happen this summer. Ms. Kaplan also noted that we should never get discouraged while we're meeting new people over at the East Coast. We're all intelligent, young independent women that have morals that others sought in us. This gives us the reason for why we were chosen to go to Brown. Handouts were also passed around from previous alums about "hot spots" at Brown. Places like the Taza Cafe were highly recommended for breakfast and a Fire-Water show is presented and is a great sight for tourists. So many different types of events are happening this summer, watch out Brown, here WE come!

My Lovely Cohorts

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