Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food for the Friendly

Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls from Abigail!

Today I was excited to attend the Brown Potluck because I got the chance to meet the rest of the girls. I believe I meet all the girls besides two. When I arrived at the school my dad and I couldn't even get into building C because it was locked! After five minutes or so we finally got in and settled down. Everyone seemed to have received name tags but I didn't but that's the beauty of your mouth, you can always introduce yourself! For the first few minutes we all got to eat and surprisingly Iris and I both brought fried rice!

Ms. Kaplan
After devouring the delicious food the chaperones introduced themselves to reassure all of our parents that we will be safe during the summer. Ms. Kaplan wanted to go over some key points she had; luggage, dinners, what to pack, our assignment she had for us, and our busy three week schedule. She also shared "hot tips" from past ILCers who have been through this experience and things we should take into account while we are in Providence. Overall, my Dad responded in excitement knowing what I was doing for the summer and I think he even had fun going to the potluck with me. I am excited to experience this summer with the Brown cohort and enjoy learning from a professor at Brown University! 

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