Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Presented to Pinole City Council

This Tuesday evening, my fellow Pinole Valley Ivy League representatives and I gathered at the Pinole city council meeting. All ten of us were accounted for. Each of us had to present a speech where we talked about how we would bring back to our community, what we wish to get out of this experience, and anything else that we felt was important to share to the city of Pinole. Previous ILC alumni from Pinole Valley also showed up to speak in front of the city council. Andrew Gonzales, Dyana So, and Alex Elms all presented inspiring speeches that made me look forward to this summer even more. The board members were very welcoming to our attendance. The mayor of Pinole was kind enough to help reward us with our medals. After our speeches, a majority of the board congratulated us and wished us luck as we face the obstacles that lie ahead. I was also very pleased to hear, that this year, Pinole Valley High School has the most student representatives to participate in the Ivy League Connection. We have at least one representative to attend each college, except for Cornell (given the fact that it was not open to our school).  

Photo credits to Don

It was truly an honor to be invited to speak in front of my community. I am very appreciative of this opportunity to be part of such an elite group of scholars who are so engaged in their education. I hope my participation in the Ivy League Connection will give me the knowledge I need to help improve the reputation of my school, my community, and the people of Pinole. I truly believe that this summer will be an experience beyond my wildest dreams, and I am very eager to do my best. 

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