Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's All Get Initiated

Today is the day. The day of the Ivy League Connection orientation. The big day where going to Brown is now a reality. Today I saw the excitement Mr. Ramsey exuded to the ILCers and parents; I think we can all agree that the ILC puts a smile on his face. Don and my chaperones, Jackie Timmes and Kat Williams, gave me papers that concerned my trip. Things like; what to bring/pack, itinerary, a packing checklist, a list of loaner items, and the time we meet up the day we leave to Brown. Looking through the jam packed schedule of one week makes me cringe but in the end it will all pay off. I feel that the first week out East will be similar to the week I am having now; packed, no sleep, and constantly working at my education. As one person asked who our roommates would be I figured it would be with someone outside of the ILC. Why? Because if the Brown II Cohort were rooming together then we would already know by now! I think someone would have mentioned it by now. Some people tell me from past experiences that rooming at random can be intriguing due to the persons characteristics. The founder of College is Real, a college preparatory program, told me that his daughter actually hates her roommate because she comes home drunk at 3AM everyday. In essence, the experience will all work to shape our preparations towards college. Having a busy schedule will help you with time management. Rooming with someone at random will allow you to grow outside of your comfort zone. Meeting admissions officers to different universities will help with making a great first impression and learn what admissions officers look for when a student is applying to a college/university. On May 31st, I have taken one step closer to the future and possibly explore schools that have never crossed my eyes. I am truly thankful for this program, although I haven't even gone East yet I already see the changes it has and will make towards my college career. I am happy to be taken the Women and Leadership course even if it challenges me to work to the bone. 

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