Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost There!

Today my mother and I arrived at Pinole Middle for our orientation. All of our trips are just around the corner and this was the last meeting for everyone to come together. As we arrived, there was a table outside for us to check in. I peaked inside the auditorium and the room as well as almost every seat was taken. We situated ourselves and sat down next to Maddie Pine.

Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg brought to our attention the importance of being on time and gave a brief explanation of what they expect from all us ILC'ers. Then, the chaperones introduced themselves and Don followed by telling us the necessities for our dorm rooms. Some objects included were personal fans, desk lamps, linens, and other various items. When he was done speaking, we were told to break up into our travel groups.

Ms. Timmes and Ms. Williams passed out forms including our airline information, a packing list, and our to do list once we arrive in the East Coast. We also went over the regulations of what is ok to pack and what isn't. I found out that we'll be visiting four other universities in one week (Wellesley, Dartmouth, Brandeis, and Harvard). Not only will we do this, but we'll celebrate the 4th of July too! There's only five more weeks till the Brown II trip and there's still so much to do. Better start packing soon!

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