Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now Representing WCCUSD...

This evening I attended my first ever WCCUSD board meeting along with my mother. But this wasn't just any board meeting, tonight was the night that the Ivy League Connection would be presented to the school board and members of the community. Before the meeting started, we had a quick briefing on how the evening was to go. Everyone separated into their separate cohorts and we all awaited our turns to be called to the front and presented. After getting through the beginning of the meeting, it was finally our turn and the Brown Cohort was up first. Ms. Kaplan introduced us all to the board as Kelly and I held the Brown banner and Don snapped pictures. Eventually we made it through all of the cohorts and we all received certificates of congratulations from the school board. 

The Ivy League Connection would not be possible with out its many sponsors and tonight we got a chance to thank them for the amazing opportunity that they are gracing all 42 of us with. After everyone was done speaking, including two past ILC members, we all waited for further instructions from Don on how and where to sit/stand for the ILC picture. After much fidgeting, we got it done and Don snapped a ton of pictures of the group. Afterwards we were free to go leaving me with an even deeper yearning to head off to Brown this summer.

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