Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dinner is On My Mind

Yesterday I couldn't help but check my emails over and over again to reassure myself that today was the dinner. Even before leaving to BART I had to make sure I wasn't just imagining it. Now that I have already checked my emails about ten times, I finally depart the house. My Dad and I made our way to El Cerrito Plaza BART Station and there stood the Brownies and their parents. Once I got there Don showed me the group photo we had previously taken at the school board meeting. My Dad was really excited and actually wants to purchase a banner; hopefully Don mentions that tonight at the orientation. I remember my Dad asking me "Is that girls dad coming? If he isn't then I'm going to be alone." He was referring to Ynah's Dad, Allan. I've got to say they have started a great friendship. While I was waiting for  5:30 to approach, Emily Cain and Maddie Pine came up to me and we started to talk about our excitement for the summer, the ending school year of 12-13, and looking forward to our next year in school. During our talk Mr. Ramsey announces that it is finally time to board the train to San Francisco. 

As we approached the entry way I had to guide my Dad because he doesn't remember how BART works exactly. He hasn't rode BART since 1984. He was even surprised at how many times we had to use the BART ticket.

We exited at the Embarcadero BART station and walked a couple blocks to Boulevard. When we arrived at the restaurant we were directed to the basement. On a side note, I was a bit skeptical about that. Mr. Ramsey all encouraged us before hand to meet the Brown Alums because they are all here to talk to us; most importantly he told us to keep away our cell phones. After the meet and great everyone had to find their names; boy that was a mission! I was seated at a table with Iris Wong and her mother, Don, John Crosby, and a Brown Alum, Nancy Schiff. As I was able to sit with Nancy, she wanted to know the thing s that I do at school such as extracurricular activities. I told her I am the president of Richmond High KIWIN'S, Conflict Mediation, and the Vice President for the class of 2013. 

Salad anyone?
Finally the program begins. After everyone was recognized, people gave speeches. One person who gave a speech is actually attending Brown University this fall. These speeches really inspired me and open my eyes to a new perspective. Many people said that they have never looked at a school on the east cost before, rather, they have been seeking for instate schools. The funny thing is, the first school that I have ever considered applying to was Columbia.  After eating a three course meal, courtesy of the ILC, the ILCers and Brown Alums take a photo together. I remember muffling, "Make sure you suck in your stomach." I've got to say, I was extremely full by the time I walked out of that restaurant.

In retrospect, the 7th Annual Brown Dinner was a success and I grow even more excited to attend Brown this summer. But one thing that I need to change is the amount of people from my school that applies to this program.  I am the ONLY student at Richmond High that is apart of a wonderful program this year. When I return to school this fall I plan to tell people my experience at Brown in order to get people motivated and eager to apply to the ILC because I feel Richmond High is not represented well enough. 

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