Friday, May 25, 2012

Picture Perfect

I've only been to one other School Board Meeting, with my father. And to be honest, I only ended up at that one on accident. However, this meeting was a whole other experience. 

First walking into the multi-purpose room, the most major difference I noticed from the prior meeting, was the amount of people. The (excitingly) huge number of ILCers, combined with active supporters of adult education, made for a very crowded room. I am very much convinced, though, that this is a positive sign about our community. In any case, after we were told what to do, we all sat together and listened to the asylum on continuing funding for adult education. 

When it came time for us to walk up, I started to get butterflies. Anyone who gets to know me will find that physical coordination is not one of my strong suits; needless to say, I was extremely nervous about walking up the mile long aisle, in front of cameras, in my heels. Thankfully, I made it with no major stumbles. It was also a little bit stressful being first. Ms. Kaplan told us right before the meeting started that the first group sets the standard for the rest, so we needed to show everyone up. No showing up of anyone would have occurred had I fell on my face, so I'm very thankful I didn't. 

Listening to the student speakers, Austin Long and Terilyn Chen, got me really pumped for this summer. The past few months, I've been focussing mostly on the academic part of the trip, and keeping up with current events; when I heard Terilyn give her easy-going speech, it reminded me that I am going to have fun this summer. Austin's speech kept the academics in my mind, however, and for that I am appreciative. 

While standing off to the side while the other cohorts were being presented, I listened to all of the comments about how exciting the ILC is, and what an awesome reputation it gives WCCUSD, I realized just how excited I was about being an ambassador to the East Coast. 

After the presentation, we all filed over to take the group photo, where I was lucky enough to grab a seat. As a yearbooker, I take a lot of team photos, so I didn't mind at all when Don was positioning and taking the photos. I was happy though, to get home and start preparing for my college interviews by watching some Nikelodeon. 

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