Friday, May 25, 2012

A Motivational Meeting

Last night, around 6PM, I attended my first WCCUSD board meeting. A large group of well dressed young people welcomed me and my dad in front of LoVonya DeJean Middle School’s multi purpose hall. I was extremely surprised when I saw how many people were inside the building. I did not know how important these types of meetings were. Most of the people present were in suits with really nice Sunday shoes. I quickly found most of my Brown II cohort and felt relieved that they welcomed me as if we’ve always known each other. Right before the meeting began, all of the ILCers were told how the meeting would go. We were then seated next to our cohorts.

Me with my best friend Roger Pharn, who will be going to Yale as part of the ILC.
After the board discussed important issues within the district, it was finally the ILC’s time to be presented to the board members. We were called to walk up in front of the members, where our chaperones introduced us one by one. After each of us was introduced, the audience gave us a round of applause. I couldn’t help but smile at the members because I was just so nervous. Don was also snapping photos here and there; I did not want to look so serious. It was a nerve-racking experience, but seeing the board members smile back made me feel like I belonged exactly where I was standing.  Did I mention that we were on a live television broadcast? It was simply overwhelming—but it wasn’t overwhelming in a negative way. It was a crazy phenomenon, almost like I just won an Olympic gold medal and everyone is looking at me with amazement.  Honestly, I don’t know just how to explain it.  I felt as if I was an important person. I felt like I was someone who mattered to my community. It truly was one of my proudest moments. We also met the ILC sponsors. I could not thank them enough for supporting such a great program. One day, I want to be just like them and give back to my community.

Before I went to sleep, I was recollecting my thoughts. I realized that I am happy to be an ambassador of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The school board meeting itself taught me that I am now responsible for my district’s reputation. Of course, I hope to contribute positive influences. Though I have not reached Brown University just yet, I am aware of how different things are going to be when I get back. I already started to think about my future career, and I feel as if I actually have a chance to make an impression in the real world. I want to make my dreams happen. I owe it all to the Ivy League Connection’s tremendous motivation and encouragement.  

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