Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hey Brown, I'm Back

I can't believe I'm back in Providence, Rhode Island! It has been a while since I've been here. Coming back brings so many good memories that I had during the summer. Although the weather is the total opposite I could still feel the humid climate that was once welcomed me everyday during the summer. Even though the weather is very it has gotten me so excited. For the first time in my life I saw snow, even if it was a small blob of dirtiness. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me now that I've returned.

I remember receiving a text from my friends, Iris and Ynah, they were telling me to check my e-mail as soon as possible. I wasn't sure why they were telling me to do this until I received another text from my dad congratulating me for being selected to be part of the Leadership Institute Symposium. I was so excited and couldn't believe it. The feeling I had was exactly like the one when I was selected to be part of the Ivy League Connection for the first time.

Being here again makes me feel great happiness. It makes me feel like I accomplished what I wanted to do: make myself noticeable with the people at Brown. I feel way more confident in myself since the first time I came. Even though I will be here only for the weekend, I am positive that I will gain so much knowledge from the Symposium.

Beginning my Action Plan was not very difficult, but trying to keep it going is stressful and a lot of work. Thankfully I have my mom’s full support and many of my friends are helping me out by being part of my Action Plan. At the airport I was having a wonderful conversation with Ms. Kronenberg. She suggested such great ideas that would help me out. It was like I was having my own personal lesson and tips about what to do to help out my action plan. As we kept conversing I couldn't help, but wonder if the Symposium was going to be just as helpful as Ms. Kronenberg was. This made me way more excited than I already was.

It was as if though the Symposium was an Action Plan saver for me. It was offered to me exactly when I needed the most help with my Action Plan. I'm expecting to gain a lot of knowledge in how to fund raise money to keep my Action Plan running, deal with  my stress, and run effective meetings with the teens that are volunteering. I can't wait for tomorrow!

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  1. I’m getting goose bumps just reading your blog, Abby. It all sounds so exciting.