Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Almost There!
Going to the East Coast this past summer to Providence felt more like a dream than reality. I couldn't believe I was chosen for such a great opportunity. When Brown's leadership course selected me to attend their symposium in the upcoming season, I was ecstatic and once again, thought I was dreaming. 

Today marks the day for Brown II girls to travel back to Rhode Island! Whoo Hoo! Familiar faces were seen today including, Ms. Kronenberg, Aby, Ynah, Emily, and Maddie. Unfortunately, not all of the girls were able to make this trip. The ladies and I soon arrived at the Oakland Airport and we waited patiently, but much more anxiously, for our plane to take us back east! 

Providence welcomed us with a cold gust of wind. We scurried into our new Chevy SUV and drove off to our home: Hotel Providence. We settled into our rooms and prepared for dinner. I was famished! 

I'm hoping for this weekend's leadership symposium to be a blast. Workshops and constructive criticism are awaiting for my soon-to-be-revealed action plan at school. My initial start date for my Action Plan is to take place in December, so this is the perfect time for the symposium to be held! Anything that needs to be tweaked is welcomed and is not too late to be changed. Action Plan perfection 101 begins tomorrow. Here I come!

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  1. It’s very interesting to read of the enthusiasm you all have about returning to Providence. Already I can see that our money is well spent.