Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy as Bees at Brown

Another early morning in Providence began with breakfast in the hotel. There was a wonderful assortment of fruit, bagels and yogurt. After we finished the most important meal of the day, all the Symposium students boarded two yellow school busses that took us up to campus. From there, we got straight to work. First, we had a panel in which students at Brown talked about their Action Plans and how with a grant awarded to them by the university, they were able to expand their organizations. They gave great advice about pitching your idea and working with other people.  

Brown students making a difference and sharing their experiences.
After the panel we broke in to groups and got spend an hour talking about our Action Plans and the progress we had made. Our facilitators were there to help us with things we still needed to address in our Action Plans and answer questions about anything related. This was especially helpful for me because I really got to evaluate the progress I had made and bounce new ideas off of other students and more experienced college students, one of which was Brenda, whom I met a dinner over the summer. When we finished the discussion groups we had lunch. 
A mini Women and Leadership reunion at lunch on the Main Green! 
During the school year, the Main Green is full of busy students. In the corner, is a new friend of mine,
Hannah from Florida. 
Interesting activity on Thayer St. during lunch.

After lunch, we reconvened for our chosen workshops. First, I attended one about fundraising. There, I learned about fundraising etiquette and got some great tips on how to organize resources to make for an effective fundraising event. Then, I went to a stress management workshop led by Dean Rose. This was particularly helpful because during this busy time of college applications, school and my Action Plan I could apply what I learned to every aspect of my life now and in the future. 
Dean Rose telling us about ways to calm yourself in stressful situations.
When our workshops were finished we headed to the Raddy for dinner and then were rushed to the Alumnae House for a presentation by Hip Hop 4 which strives to teach children through hip hop through dancing and rapping. We watched a video that showed the kind of work the organization had already accomplished and then we got to dance and learn some of the basic dance moves in hip hop.

We didn't arrive back at the hotel until 9:30 PM. It was a day full of enriching and inspiring lectures and activities. Tomorrow is our last day in Providence and I am interested to see what it holds for us.

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