Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Day Full of Work

I am sad to think that I will be leaving tomorrow. I am having such a great time and gaining a lot of knowledge through the work shops and skill building activities. I wish I could stay one or two more nights. I bet I would learn how to dominate the world!

My day began with a delightful breakfast at a private room at the diner of Hotel Providence. There I ate a bagel with jam along with some fruit and an orange juice. Then afterwards we began loading onto the big yellow school buses that were ready to take us away to the wonderful campus of Brown.

Arriving to the Holley building, everyone headed to the auditorium to recieve answers to questions and meet five students known as the Starr Fellow Panel. the five students told us about each of their action plans, their challenges, and their success. they told their stories and why they were so passionate about what they were doing. I was impressed in their stories especially in Sidney Kusher, who works with kids who have cancer and makes them feel like champions with the help of NBA players. I really admire him for this and for being able to succeed with his action plan.

Hip Hop Pride During Lunch

Dinner with the Girls
(Iris, Ynah, and I)
 After lunch we headed back to the Holley Building to continue with building-skills activities. My fisrt session was about stress management which waas hosted by Dean Rose. I learned the importance of why stressing is bad for our bodies and how to control it. Dean Rose explained that scientist and doctors have mad studies about what we should do when feeling stressed, but surprisingly people do the total opposite like stop eating or eat too much, not get enough sleep etc. My second session was about fundraising strategies. Here I learned about what to do and how to raise money for my action plan. I now know how to make myself rich when  get back home!

These workshops were very helpful for me and left me without questions. everything that I was once doubting or knew nothing about has vanished. I now feel more confident with my action plan succeeding.

To end my busy day the we were taken to  Alumnae Hall where we were given a presentation about an organization called Hip Hop 4 Social Change. this organization is formed by a group of hip hop dancers who have taken their talents and implimented them on children as a form of expression. It is a very successful organization that is also located in California near L.A. Its objective is to entertain and keep children out of trouble by providing them a place where they could formally express themselves through dance and art such as graffiti.
Being Proud to Represent the West Coast

Besides being given a presentation we were also taught a few steps of hip hop to do a free style dance with the whole group. I enjoyed it very much and wished it could have lasted longer, but as every day must end we were forced to head back to the hotel where we had a small fun time, and then headed to our rooms to go to bed.

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