Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reflection on the ILC Tutorial

Ms. Kat Williams
The ILC tutorial was very informative.  I benefited most from the hands-on practice with blogging.  I have never blogged before and, honestly, the idea of blogging makes me somewhat apprehensive.  Luckily, I got through my first experience generally unscathed.  I still have some questions, but I’m sure time and practice will remedy these.  One suggestion I would offer for future tutorials would be to pair expert bloggers with novices for some peer tutoring.  I learn best from one-on-one coaching and practical applications of knowledge and learning, and I’m sure many students are the same.  This is what’s known as kinesthetic, or hands-on, learning.  This suggestion would only work if there are expert bloggers in the tutorial.  I would venture to guess that in this type of scenario the students would be the ones to teach the teachers!  Their generation is generally quite adept at learning and using technology!  Although I am fairly young, I am still old enough to have not had the benefit of growing up with a computer.  I don't think I really started using a computer until high school or college.  For this reason, technology has always somewhat eluded me.  Despite my trepidation, I will do my best to learn and grow, and by the end of this experience, perhaps I will be an expert blogger!

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  1. I'm glad you were able to share this event with us, Kat.

    I agree whole heartedly of the value of pairing those with skills to those without skills. With these tutorials we really have very few that have the skills. Even some of those that are ILC alums need a refresher course on blogging and some need to have it reinforced about some of the things we expect but they had a tough time accepting last year. ☺

    Something we tried to do—with limited success—is to have our ILCers sit next to total strangers in the hope they would reach out to meet someone new.

    We’re always open to suggestions, though, and will work towards what you’ve suggested here.