Saturday, March 31, 2012


I woke up early this morning (well early for a Saturday) to set out in the treacherous rain to attend my first ever ILC Tutorial. After arriving at Hercules High School, My dad and I drove around for ten minutes trying to figure out exactly where the class room was before I had to make a run through the pouring rain that seemed to appear out of no where. 

The tutorial itself was very informative. Don gave us these giant packets (33 pages to be exact) full of information from laundry to photography. Meeting other participants was really exciting. Everyone seemed really friendly and open. The students who had already been with the ILC before gave words of encouragement to me, someone who is always a nervous wreck.

During the tutorial we focused a lot on how to make our blogs perfect. From adding pictures to checking our spelling and grammar. We learned how to properly format our blogs and what precisely is a good blog versus a ... not so good blog. The hands on portion was very helpful in showing us what exactly is expected of us. We were given tons of tips and tricks to help us create an exemplary blog.

I am really appreciative all of the information we received today. I am so excited for the trip this summer. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I can't wait to get to Brown U.

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  1. Tayler,

    I'm not quite sure I get this. Some of you are praising the directions I gave and the maps I provided (showing where the city is, where the school is , where the room is and where the parking is) while others of you are telling me how lost you were getting and how you couldn't find your way around. I don't get it.