Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Unbounded Journey of Knowledge

Just when I thought my ILC journey was over, I was proven wrong. I woke up bright and early and headed over for the El Cerrito Plaza Bart station. There, I caught up with my Brown cohorts (Nick, Kelly, Emily, and Ying-An) before heading to the Olympic Club that Mr. Izzy Ramsey volunteered to let us use for our Brown/Yale Mentorship Brunch. 

When Mr. Ramsey sent us an email, telling us about this wonderful opportunity, I was pretty shocked to know that there was even more. It's like, dessert as a main course, and then even more dessert in the end. Ever since I came back from the three week Macroeconomics course at Brown, I've never been the same. I've seen the world differently, changed my perspective of education options, and most important, I realized that opportunities are out there passing by without me even knowing it. If I learned anything from the ILC, it would've been to pursue your opportunities because you never know where it would lead you. And so, with that in mind, I jumped to the chance to pick out my very own Brown/Yale mentor. 

As my first year in the Ivy League Connection, I've tended to see things in a more general sense. Throughout a lot of the college tours, I didn't really lean towards any particular college because as a junior, I felt like it was better for me to explore my options more before deciding something that would change my life forever. With that in mind, I actually decided to take on a Yale mentor. Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely loved my summer life at Brown. I loved the amazing classes that they had to offer, and I definitely loved that amazing campus that I frolicked in for three weeks. But to get a better sense of college life, I've decided to go start off a new point of view with a new school and a new perspective. 

Once we got to the Olympic Club, we took our time to get comfortable and talk to the alumni around. I did, and it was really interesting talking to the alumni again. Mr. Izzy Ramsey was kind enough to tour us around the Olympic Club to help us kill some time. Once brunch was ready, we took our seats, got some food, and chatted. I talked with Tyler Shen, a Yale graduate. Tyler took economics while he was at Yale and he is currently doing one of the most interesting jobs that I've heard about. He told me he started about three weeks ago. He basically gets to choose the next big idea to invest in for the company. We also had a lot of random chats about Facebook stocks which was one of the best parts of our conversation. Other than that, Tyler gave me an amazing perspective of Yale and it gets me pretty excited that I'm taking on a Yale mentor this year. Other than Tyler, I also got to talk to the other Yale mentors, but not as much. Nevertheless, I am so excited for this second part to my journey and I can't wait to take this next big step in my journey. 

Once again, I would just like to thank the Ivy League Connection for this amazing opportunity, and also to Mr. Izzy Ramsey who was such a kind cost to our event. I'm looking forward to this new experience and the many things that I will learn from it. Today was the start of something big and it will definitely show promising results down the road. 

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